Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion: Fashionably Challenged?

If you are fashionably challenged you need to go pick up a copy of GQ Style Manual 2010.  It's the best and simplest guide to the most basic do's and don'ts to men's fashion.  The manual covers everything from what to look for when buying a suit, how a shirt should fit, and what shoes to wear.  Follow the manual and you'll be looking sharp from head to toe.

Some of my favorite tips from their cheat sheets are:
  • A suit's gotta fit right or it isn't worth wearing.
  • If you ever can afford a bespoke suit, get one made.  It's worth every penny.
  • Always buy a fitted dress shirt--even if you're not model skinny.
  • Be a man: Wear a pink dress shirt to the office.
  • Your dress shoes should be as contoured as your suits.  Say no to square toes.
Now go out and be fashionable!!!

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