Monday, February 20, 2012

Music: Picture Atlantic "With One Clipped Wing"

The long awaited Film Antics production of Picture Atlantic's Part II music video "With One Clipped Wing" was released Sunday, February 19th.  To read more about Picture Atlantic and Part I & II of their music videos go to

Part II: With One Clipped Wing

With One Clipped Wing from Raymund Aranda on Vimeo.

In case you missed it last week here is
Part I:  Joust

Joust from Raymund Aranda on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music: The Rock Hop with Picture Atlantic

It was a great night of music and talent as Picture Atlantic headlined The Rock Hop at Art Boutiki on Saturday, February 11th along with performances by Girl Named T, Briertone, Dogcatcher and Ghost and The City.  Picture Atlantic also premiered their much anticipated two part music video "Joust" and "With One Clipped Wing" directed by Paul Aspuria and produced by Raymund Aranda of  Film Antics with cinematography by Vivek Mohan Kumar and co-starring Kelly Dessoye. released part 1, "Joust", on Sunday, February 12th and will release part 2, "With One Clipped Wing," on Sunday, February 19th.  You can read more about the Picture Atlantic and watch "Joust" on

Art Boutiki
Girl Named T

Ghost and The City
Ghost and The City 


Ryan, Picture Atlantic
Nik, Picture Atlantic

Daniel, Nik & Ryan
Vincent, Picture Atlantic

Brian, Picture Atlantic

Nik & Ryan


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fashion: The Brogue

All you have to do is shop to see that The Brogue has taken over this season for men's shoes.  What's great about the brogue is you can wear it dressed up or dress down (socks optional).  Brogues are classic and timeless.  You can't go wrong when you wear them.  The perfect example of someone who wears it well is the always stylish Brad Goreski.

Let's face it gentlemen, regardless of what you're wearing, your shoes complete the outfit.  Just because you spend a thousand bucks on an outfit doesn't mean you skimp out on the shoes.  Expect to pay at least $300 if you want style + quality.  If you look at shoes as an investment vs. an afterthought it won't hurt as much.

Now I love Italian made shoes, but for Made in the USA you can't go wrong with Allen Edmonds.  These are handmade and recraftable.  My favorites from this season's collection are the Neumok and the McTavish.  It's times like these when I still wish I worked in Men's Shoes at Nordstrom.  I want these shoes so bad!!!



Music: Picture Atlantic

On January 27, 2012 Picture Atlantic held a private screening of their soon to be released music videos "Joust" and "With One Clipped Wing" at Current Tattooing in downtown San Jose.  The videos were directed by Paul Aspuria  and produced by Raymund Aranda of Film Antics with Vivek Mohan Kumar as cinematographer.  "Joust" and "With One Clipped Wing" are both shot in classic Hollywood film noir with Kelly Dessoye as lead actress. We shot both videos in three days and four locations in three cities (Morgan Hill, San Jose, Palo Alto).

As always, we had a blast on set...kind of hard not to when you get to work with talented artists and colleagues (also my fave peeps).  The best, and most challenging, part of this shoot as a producer was styling Miss Dessoye's hair. Although Paul and Vivek, teased me about it, I think they were both pleasantly surprised.


Paul & Vivek
Vivek & I

Check back later this month when I post the release of "Joust" and "With One Clipped Wing" or attend The Rock Hop at Art Boutiki on Saturday, February 11. Until then, enjoy Picture Atlantic's ghoulish "Guerilla."