Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fashion: The Brogue

All you have to do is shop to see that The Brogue has taken over this season for men's shoes.  What's great about the brogue is you can wear it dressed up or dress down (socks optional).  Brogues are classic and timeless.  You can't go wrong when you wear them.  The perfect example of someone who wears it well is the always stylish Brad Goreski.

Let's face it gentlemen, regardless of what you're wearing, your shoes complete the outfit.  Just because you spend a thousand bucks on an outfit doesn't mean you skimp out on the shoes.  Expect to pay at least $300 if you want style + quality.  If you look at shoes as an investment vs. an afterthought it won't hurt as much.

Now I love Italian made shoes, but for Made in the USA you can't go wrong with Allen Edmonds.  These are handmade and recraftable.  My favorites from this season's collection are the Neumok and the McTavish.  It's times like these when I still wish I worked in Men's Shoes at Nordstrom.  I want these shoes so bad!!!



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