Monday, March 12, 2012

Fashion: Ozwald Boateng

If you ask the average American (a) who is Ozwald Boateng? (b) where is Savile Row? and (c) what do they have in common? the answer will most likely be "huh?"

(a) Ozwald Boateng is a fashion designer who "has reinterpreted the British art of bespoke tailoring...Ozwald Boateng's iconic contemporary twist, vibrant colors, and refined fabrics offer a unique luxury experience to men of all genereations."

(b) Savile Row is a shopping street in London, UK famous for it's bespoke tailoring.

(c) Ozwald Boateng's flagship store is located on Savile row.

Well, now you know.

To say that I love his clothes, specifically his suits, is an understatement.  All you have to do is watch "A Man's Story" catwalk show ,which closed London Fashion Week September 22, 2010, to understand.

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