Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Travel: Just Rolling With It

For the past month I've been planning and anxiously waiting to start my two week European adventure. First stop Dublin.  So I'm at SFO, I've buckled my seatbelt and the plane is sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off for Philly.  The flight attendants' arms are gyrating in the air as they review emergency procedures, and then I hear the captain's voice.  The only thing going through my head is "Please no delay" "Please no delay" "Please no delay"...NOT!  The flight is DELAYED due to tornado warnings.  Tornado warnings?! In Philly?! Really?!

I'm not the only who missed a connection.
At this point I figure I have two options.  a) stress out and have a total meltdown or b) just roll with it.  I'm not happy, but I decide to roll with it.  All I can do is hope we arrive early enough to make my connecting flight to Dublin, Ireland.  We arrive at Gate B16...my connecting flight is at Gate A8.  Just picture me making a mad dash with about 30 lbs. of camera equipment and 17" Macbook Pro on my back and Manfrotto tripod slung over my shoulder.  Mind you I'm not dressed for a mad dash.  I'm wearing a water resistant "parka", 508 tapered Levi's cargo pants, and my favorite pair of To Boot New York slip on boots.

Gate A23 taken with olloclip for iPhone.
I'm short of breath and sweating as I near Gate A8...with no plane in sight.  I missed my connection by 20 minutes.  The attendant at the counter quickly goes to work to get me on the next flight out to Dublin...Gate A23 4:20 pm Wednesday, 9/19 via Frankfurt, Germany.  I guess I'll be sleeping overnight at PHL Gate A23.  My three day visit to Dublin just became two.  Oh, well...I'll definitely be needing a pint or two of Guinness.

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