Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pets: The Search for a Stylish Dog

My family's first dog was given to us, our second was her pup, and our third we rescued from the pound.  All three were gorgeous.  It's been three years since our last dog, Sam, passed away.  My brother, sister and I decided that this time we wanted to go to a breeder for our next dog.

(r-l) Stewart, Rock, My Brother, London
Now, I've always been partial to large breeds mainly because our first three dogs were large (black lab mix, black lab mix/german shepherd, australian border collie mix).  But, also because I've always felt that large dogs were more stylish and masculine (nothing stylish about walking around with a dog in your handbag).  Yeah, I said it...stylish. Don't laugh.  Next time you see someone walking their dog take a good look.  To a certain extent master and pet resemble each other.  So when my sister started researching Scottish Terriers, a small breed, I was hesitant.

My brother, sister, and I visited a Scottish breeder last week.  I'll be honest with you.  I was pleasantly surprised.  These little guys weren't as little as I thought, and they're bark sounds as intimidating as a large dog (perfect for apartment living).  Not only that, they're sturdy and solid.  Most importantly, they're damn stylish.  You can groom them so that their coat is soft and sleek or you can just let it grow wild and grungy.  I prefer soft and sleek.  I found them totally amusing. The breeder would call their name, and like children, they hear their name, but they don't respond.  

Payton (foreground), Stewart (background)
The best part of the visit was when the matriarch of the bunch, seven year old Tiger,  plopped down in front of my sister, rolled over, and presented her belly for my sister to rub.  The breeder and her husband were amazed.  Apparently, most breeders have one dog which they use as a gage to see if prospective owners were suitable.  Tiger was known as "the mean" one, and she had never done that before.  Well, Tiger did it two more times...once for my brother, and once for me.

Jolene & Payton
Good looks aside, one of the most important things to keep in mind when your planning to adopt a pet is to make sure that their personality and demeanor matches yours.  By the end of the visit, I had fallen in love with three of them.  One in particular kept making her way toward me.  Her name was Jolene.  She was the show dog...sweet, calm and an absolute looker. And I don't care if she was "the mean" one, Tiger was absolutely adorable.  Then there was London, the youngest at 10 months, and the shyest.  I just wanted to pick her up and rock her like a baby.  If I could have gotten away with it, I would have grabbed them, put them in the car and burned rubber in my sister's Toyota Yaris.

Although we didn't go home with a pet, we did find our future breeder.  Hopefully this time next summer, my brother, sister, and I will each have our own Scottie.  Jolene will be their mom so you know these pups will be beautiful.

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